A new generation of investigators

The digital age has profoundly transformed the way people find and share information. This has led to previously unimaginable possibilities in conducting investigations. More people are now empowered to uncover hidden information, expose corruption and bring the truth to light. Through a series of films, interviews, guides, tools and workshops, Exposing the Invisible brings together different techniques and individual practices of those working at the new frontiers of investigation.

Exposing the Invisible: The Kit

The Kit is a collaborative, self-learning resource that makes investigative techniques and tools used by experienced investigators more accessible to people and communities who feel motivated to start their own investigations, collect and verify information, build evidence and create a better understanding of issues without losing sight of ethical or safety considerations. Explore the Kit in English, French and Spanish.

Investigation is Collaboration - Online Conference, 2-6 August, 2021

Tactical Tech’s 'Exposing the Invisible' project is hosting a 5-day online event to celebrate the pe...

Conference Agenda - "Investigation Is Collaboration: Exposing the Invisible Together", 2-6 August 20...

Here you find the agenda and session materials of the "Investigation is Collaboration" Online Confer...
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A one-year project to engage, train and connect civil society investigators in the EU

In September 2020, our Exposing the Invisible (ETI) team started a European Commission (DG CONNECT)-...
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“Killing one is easy, killing a network is impossible”: The Power of Collaboration

"Ten years ago, collaborative journalism was something unusual, quite often weird – why to share my ...
Access to information Conflict and Power

How do we know things? - The Investigator’s Dilemma and Working with Absent Evidence

“Do we know things? How do we know them? Philosophers have been asking these questions for thousands...
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Research Data

How to Build a More Diverse Newsroom, for Real

This brief article gathers tips on cross-border collaboration as learned from Editor-in-Chief Tina L...
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An Arena for Climate Collaboration: "My climate issue is your climate issue"

“Is there a link between your local river drying up and European policies on climate and energy? Do ...
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Mapping Propaganda Satellite Imagery

How a Chance Collaboration Exposed Secretive Government Actions in China

This is an example that proves how, with curiosity, hard work and an openness to collaboration, you ...
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Data journalism Mapping Research

“Stronger Together” - Creating a Plan for Collaboration

"In an increasingly complex social, political and economic environment, and in times of lurking cris...
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Verification Mapping Data

“It Takes a Crowd...”: Tips and examples of using crowdsourcing to collect information

Crowdsourcing is increasingly used by journalists, activists, researchers and citizen investigators ...
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Risk Assessment Is a Mindset, Not a Checklist

Conducting investigations is risky. Unfortunately, individual investigators rarely have the resource...
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Getting Creative with Geolocation

Take a dive into the world of geolocation, visual analysis, and the importance of creativity in imag...
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Data Research

The Savvy Investigator’s Toolkit

The Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) has been developing a massive list of online reso...
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The Archive as Activism: Lessons from Mnemonic and the Syrian Archive

Mnemonic, the non-profit that runs Syrian Archive, Yemeni Archive and Sudanese Archive uses its posi...
Conflict and Power

From My Point of View

The second episode in the series, 'From My Point of View', rather thanlooking at professional invest...
Money and Politics

Our Currency is Information

Our currency is Information is the first episode of the documentary film series Exposing the Invisib...
Conflict and Power

Unseen War

Exploring the physical, moral and political invisibility of US drone warfare in Pakistan.
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Technology Is Stupid: How to choose tech for remote working

This article addresses questions about which tech is good, safe and appropriate to use in these comp...
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Money and Politics

Finding Neverland: The story behind Peter Thiel’s secret citizenship revelation

How a journalist uncovered a surprise citizen of New Zealand: US tech tycoon Peter Thiel.
Access to information

Mari Bastashevski: From gigabytes to stories

Finding treasure troves of documents within data dumps.
Conflict and Power
Mapping Data journalism

The Migrants Files

A database that contains information on 27,000 migrants who died on their way to Europe since 2000.

Public Lab: DIY mapping tools

A community, which develops and applies open-source tools for environmental investigation.
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Panama Registry of Companies

A useful resource for journalists and activists tracking corruption and tax avoidance across borders...
photo of three printed books - Visualising Information for Advocacy
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Visualising Information for Advocacy: The Book

Tactical Tech's free online book about how advocates and activists use visual elements in their camp...
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Money and Politics Access to information

An Idiot's Guide to Money Laundering

A tongue-in-cheek "Idiot's Guide to Money Laundering" created by Global Witness, an organisation spe...
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Dealing with Trauma

A list of helpful resources addressed to civil society members facing stress, threat and trauma in t...